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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Chasoft Labs and its products/services.

What are your installed VS Code Extensions?

These are extensions which I'm using and you should consider to install them to automate your increasingly local development.


  • Auto Close Tag (Jun Han)
  • Auto Import (steoates)
  • Auto Rename Tag (Jun Han)
  • MDX (unified) => This helps highlight syntax in MDX files
  • Text Power Tools (Dániel Tar) => Slugify your text


  • Better Comments (Aaron Bond)
  • Duplicate selection or line (Greg Bacchus)
  • ESLint (Microsoft)
  • File Utils (Steffen Leistner)
  • Headwind (Ryan Hebourn)
  • IntelliCode (Microsoft)
  • Output Colorizer (IBM)
  • Prettier - Code formatter (Prettier)
  • Tailwind CSS IntelliSense (Tailwind Labs)
  • Tabnine (TabNine) - AI Code completion plugin (free plan)
Where can I find beautiful pictures and icons for my website?

You can google for what you want. I often get icons and pictures from these websites: