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Technical Stack for upcoming updates and new products

· One min read
Brian Cao

Hello all,

For the very first version of Aris and Baris-A, they do not use database. It is great for speed and your learning new technology and to make your hands dirty with codes. These would be great experiences for those who love to learn, to hand-on with new technologies.

That would be limited to a group of people only. My next journey to creating web/apps for personal is to use database but with caring chosen solutions which brings speed, stability and as lowest cost as possible.

Today, I would like to announce a technical stack which Chasoft Labs is going to conquer.

  1. Serverless Hosting ☁ Cloudflare Pages
  2. Caching for DB fetching ⚡ Cloudflare KV
  3. Database 💾 Airtable

Why do we have number 2 (caching)? Because all free solutions have their limits in marking requests. In this case, Airtable's API is limited to only 5 requests per second, per base. The caching solutions would help to increase our ability to serve more visitors with better speed.

These great combinations would bring us much more confident to release better and better products.

Thank you & Happy day to everyone!

Regards, Brian Cao 2022-Sep-11