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Is Aris your choice to start a personal website

· 3 min read
Brian Cao

Aris is special, and it is really not fit for everyone. Aris is not a WYSIWYG and you must work with a bit of coding and learning something new as reading some basic TypeScript code and following some instructions. In my previous blog post Why you should have a personal website?, the reason #2, you must be the type of people who love to learn and experiment new things. In case you are not, but you still want… to have a powerful personal website based on Aris, contact me and I will do it for you as a service.

What Aris benefits you?

Running Aris is Free

Yes, running Aris is completely FREE, No Hosting Cost. Or to be professional, you can also buy a domain for your personal website from Cloudflare (Cloudflare is the first and the best place where you can buy domains with original price, no surplus charging)

Powerful website 💪

For you

Can express any type of information that you want:

  • You can write blog posts
  • You can showcase your portfolios with the world
  • You can have any announcements (yes, if you want to announce something, and you want your visitor knows)
  • You can have some notes (yes, it's not an announcement, it cannot be a blog post, it is just a note… likes your thinking, and you just want to share to the world)
  • You can have updates (like a kind of notifications) and to let the world knows about.

Acquire new skills:

  • Working with codes to build the appearance of your website
  • Learn new ways of conveying your message
  • Learn how to craft the content that tells everyone what you're all about
  • Learn how to be more visible on social media and how to promote your site (basic of SEO)

For your visitors

  • Feel comfortable for the website is blazing fast.
  • Feel happy for they can search/filter/browsing any type of information the easy way.

What Aris need you to do?

  • Eager to learn/explore new things
  • Time to spend with Aris

or you just need:

  • Be willing to spend money to hire me to do the service for you, which, based on Aris. Some basic activities, I would do via remote to let you have chances to learn/explore new things.

What to do next