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Why you should have a personal website?

· 5 min read
Brian Cao

There are so many articles out there, for many years, and many people still don't realize the benefits of having a personal website. I did research on Google and found many articles talk about this topic. I read them all. Likewise, I agree with all what they have written. And I did a summary for your reference. Let's go ✈.

A ✨ curated list ✨ of benefits or purposes of having a personal website:

1. Easier to find a job

Recruiters find you much more easily, they understand who you are, what you are doing, and you did making a great first impression, will help you secure an interview. Sure, this would be one of your competitive advantage.

2. Acquire new skills

Once you start working on creating a personal website, you'll see what works for you and what doesn't. You'll keep customizing and polishing your personal website in order for it to have a professional look and feel. To enhance your personal brand, you'll test new ways of conveying your message. Moreover, you'll learn how to craft the content that tells everyone what you're all about. Not only will you know how to engage your visitors, but you'll also learn how to be more visible on social media and how to promote your site. In addition, when you realize you need to rank well on Google, you'll also grasp the basic aspects of SEO. Acquiring additional skills will do wonders for your career. -

3. Your personal branding

Personal branding becomes more and more important. Every time you want the others to know about yourself: who you are, what you are doing, or what you can do, or what your achievements are, etc. How much time and energy to do your introduction and people will forget after that. Now, with a personal website, all you need to introduce about yourself is your name card with a name, a title, a brief description and a web address. ✨ Your personal website is not only your digital portfolio, but also a place to express yourself 😎 freely, independently. And when someone else wants to know more deeply about you, they just have to access your website and read all the information provided. Or when you want to share something, compose a new blog post in your website and share that address.

4. Sharing knowledge

A personal website is also useful for people who want to promote their businesses or share knowledge. If you are a motivational speaker or life coach, for instance, your personal website is a great place to let the world know what you do and how to get in touch with you. In a similar manner to having a portfolio, you can post videos of your past work, as well as a list of your clients, and even positive reviews you have received. - Casey Botticello

5. Pre-launching a New Product or Service

On a similar note, aspiring sole traders of entrepreneurs can also use personal websites to pre-launch their new business concept, product or service. Such a site can serve multiple purposes, from creating awareness of your developing concept to executing pre-sales and raising much needed revenue [...] Whether you aim to create an overarching brand or simply generate additional income, a personal website can be an invaluable tool. -

6. Generate Alternative Income

Apart from the branding and generating work, like any website, your personal website can also become a source of secondary income 💰. Based on your website traffic, you can host ads on your site which can make you some good money or providing affiliate links for your visitors. Though you aren't creating your personal website with this intent, it'd be a great add-on if your website designing skills and creative genius end up making a killer personal website. Just imagine, you'd be making money while simultaneously marketing yourself. -


I know you might say, “well, I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts, etc. and I can promote my work” These are very important social media accounts you should have. But According to this report, there are 3.2 billion searches on Google per day. That's because people are looking for solutions to their problems. Will they find you online? If for example, I am looking for an event management company in Lagos (Nigeria), I will do a Google Search. Google Search Engine will pop up results of companies that have websites as their priority. Having social media accounts is very important but having a personal website adds icing to the cake. - labifrancis

So, how to start a personal website? So many ways to start a personal website. Ari—a serverless website could be a great choice. If you want to start with valuable information and can bring much more value to your visitors than an only impression for the very first time with eye-catching interface, or a lot of animation.

Wait for my next blog post, “Is Aris your choice to start your personal website?”.