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Releases notes

Aris is continuously enhanced and updated, and a new version is released every one or two months, sometimes even faster. There are also occasional Maintenance Releases with minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Below are the highlights of the last and previous versions.

Maintenance Release 1.1.4

Released 2022-Sep-04

  • Rebranding from Ari to Aris
  • Add demo images to articles
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Maintenance Release 1.1.3

Released 2022-Aug-29

  • Add a searching status when searching is in progress
  • Add navigation in blog better with categories and tags
  • Remove custom font, use the default system font. Better performance in mobile and PageSpeed Insights is over 90/100 both mobile and desktop.
  • Remove unnecessary animation
  • Fixed some CSS issues
  • Fixed GotoTop component not display in correct position
  • Move searchOptions to config.ts

Maintenance Release 1.1.2

Released 2022-Aug-25

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 1.1.0?

Released 2022-Aug-25

  • Advanced searching: new searching feature added. Now you can search for any information (blog, portfolio, announcements, notes, updates) you have. Activated search screen by pressing Ctrl+K (Windows) or ⌘K (Mac). You can adjust fuzzy searching algorithm at app\data\settings\config.tsx (search for SearchOptions)

Initial release 1.0.0

Released 2022-Aug-23