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Helps you to ship a beautiful & lightning fast website that you will be confident

⚡️ Baris-A is a serverless template to ship your personal website. It is lightning fast, beautiful, independent and stay alive for free with free-tier of Cloudflare Pages.

💯 15+ content blocks which helps you express any essential information for your personal website.

💸 Support i18n (internationalization) by default. It is great to have your website in multi-languages.

🧐 Baris-A is a Server-side Rendering website. It builds a multi-pages application with fast client-side navigation, leveraging the full power of React to make your site interactive (has ability to share any corner of your personal website).

🤑 Deploy to Cloudflare Pages for free - no monthly fee, no annual fee.

Baris-A: Serverless Template for Personal Websites

In this video, the author will show you a brief introduction about Baris-A and its features.


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Baris-A is built with high attention to standalone application which all data are stored in GitHub repository, no database, no backup, but still having the power of dynamic websites. Thanks to Remix Web Framework.

  • 💯 Fully-dynamic website: you create your pages under text file format. That's all. You don't have to deal will coding as Aris (but Aris is full-featured and powerful Serverless Applications)
  • 🎯 SEO-friendly
    • Server-side rendering (SSR) is SEO friendly.
    • High performance with very high Page Speed scores.
  • 📝 Powered by Markdown
    • Write your text in Markdown format or in plain text.
    • 20+ content components for your arrangement with ideas.
  • 🌍 Internationalization (i18n)
    • Translate your site in multiple locales, the easy way.
  • ⚛️ Built with 💚 and Remix
    • Extendable and customizable with React
    • Working with/without JavaScript enabled.
    • Standalone website

Baris-A is born to be a better personal website for everyone: Simple, Dynamic and lightning-fast.

  • ⚡️ Lightning-fast. Baris-A is built using Remix Web Framework, focus in web fundamentals.
  • 🦖 Accessible. Attention to accessibility, making your site equally accessible to all users.

Why Baris-A?

  • Built by Remix Web Framework. Great framework to build better website and apps.
  • 20+ content blocks. All fully documented with guides and video tutorials.
  • Fully support multi-languages (i18n)
  • You don't need to learn about web-development when working with Baris-A to build your own personal website (great for everyone)
  • We provide add-on services such as installation, setup, customization...

Finally, you would have a very fast ⚡ website which helps you to express everything (oh, your real personal website) to support your job, your personal business, your personal interests. You are confident 😎 to have a name card with only your name and a domain on it, and say: "let you check my website for details".

Visit our store and purchase a license to start your online presence today.

Is something missing?

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please file an issue for us, or send a tweet mentioning the @vBizChain Twitter account.

For new feature requests, you can create a new issue, which is a handy tool to track todos, bugs, feature requests, and more. As issues are created, they'll appear here in a searchable and filterable list.